Saturday 8 February 2014

I love to cuddle up and read a good book!

There's nothing I love more then finding a new author and casually spending the next few days/weeks hiding behind the pages of a book.

I pick up books from everywhere I go and the slowly make their way around the family after I'm done, I recently went on a trip to my local charity shop on the hunt for some new books and found some by an author called J R Ward.

I'd never heard of her or her series of books but from reading the synopsis they seemed right up my street, so on a whim I bought the six books the Charity shop had. And boy am I glad I did I found myself in a world of Angels and Vampires in the aptly named series The Black Dagger Brotherhood.

Their a completely new twist on the whole vampire myth, their both dark and compelling yet are filled with romance. They speak to every emotion and I found myself gasping and laughing and equally becoming angry on their behalf in some points!

The story-line is intelligent and is forward thinking, planting little tiny clues and tid bits that become obvious later.
Without giving too much away, the first in this series follows the story of Wrath and his love interest, Beth. Of course, love is never easy and then there's the lessening society, bent on killing the civilian vamps. The Brotherhood are not only stunning male examples, but they are also totally badass with a whole array of weapons.

What more can I say? I love it. With a fiery passion. Readers will NOT be disappointed. If you are, however, come see me, I'll change your view, 'cause this series is more than a gem, it's like finding the lost city of Atlantis and all its treasures!

In fact the only problem I have with this series is awaiting the latest release which isn't due until April the 1st! Patience is a skill I'm afraid I've yet to find! So what are you waiting for join me in my fantasy world :)

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